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Mark held the newspaper he'd grabbed from the car over his head trying his best to use it like an umbrella till they could reach a sheltered area. Aaron had suggested going to this castle for help after their car had gotten a flat tire. And Mark, being the dutiful fiance he was, decided to come with the British man. However he wasn't so sure about this idea when he noticed the sign hung on the front gate.

Enter at your own risk!

He was tempted to call out to Aaron, but closed his mouth & followed after him. Surely the owner of the castle wouldn't mind them ringing to doorbell for some help.

"Look, Mark. There's a light." Aaron smiled pointing out said light as he put an arm around Mark rather protectively.

Mark looked at the light & smiled, "I see it, over at the...Frankenstein place."

Aaron chuckled, "You've been watching too many horror movies. It's just a perfectly normal, old castle. Nothing to be concerned about."

Mark pressed his lips together & nodded in agreement. He jumped hearing a motorcycle rev behind him & turned to see three motorcyclists coming up the road toward the castle. He parted from Aaron to let them pass before returning to the other man's side.

Both men made their way up to the door where it was thankfully more sheltered from the rain.

"Let's go back, Aaron. I'm cold &...I'm actually kind of creeped out." Mark mutter rubbing his arms having abandoned the soaked newspaper. He used the sleeve of his jacket to wipe some of the rain from his glasses.

"Just a minute, Mark. They might have a phone." Aaron reassured & pressed the button for the doorbell which set of a rather odd & clanky sounding bell.

In just a matter of a minute the door creaked open to reveal an odd looking man with a blond streak in his hair & dark circles around his eyes. "Hello..."

Mark felt his heart sink to his stomach which also caused the polite smile he'd been wearing to fall.

Aaron was a bit better at keeping a straight face even though he faltered some. He perked himself up again & held his hand out while still keeping hold of Mark's hand. "Hi, I'm Aaron Ash." When the odd man made no move to shake Aaron's hand he gestured to Mark with a smile, "Uh...this is my fiance, Mark Fischbach."

Mark didn't say anything, he was honestly too unnerved to. So instead he forced a polite smile & let Aaron handle to situation.

"I wonder if you'd mind helping us, you see our car broke down a few miles up the road. Do you have a phone we could use?"

The man looked them up & down seeming to consider them a moment. "You're wet."

Mark blinked, "'s raining..." He had to make himself not be sarcastic in saying this, however he did shoot Aaron a disturbed look.

"Yes." Aaron agreed just trying to make this rather awkward situation a bit better.

"Oh..." the man muttered.

Lightning lit up the sky again as thunder cracked sending the already nervous couple on edge.

"I think perhaps you both better...come inside." the man said stepping aside, a smirk tugged at the corner of his lips.

Aaron smiled politely at this & went inside guiding Mark in with him.

"You're too kind..." Mark once again forced a smile, but sent Aaron another uncertain look afterwards. Once inside he glanced around at the rather macabre décor & cobwebs. He could hear loud music & the sounds of several people talking somewhere in the castle. "Aaron!" he whispered, "What kind of a place is this?"

"Probably some kind a hunting lodge for rich weirdos." Aaron muttered.

The sound of the heavy front door closing & locking behind them made them both jump. The man looked at them once the door was secure & walked between them gesturing for them to follow. "This way."

Mark was unsettled by the lack of at least small talk so he decided to ask a question that was floating around his head. " having a party?"

The man paused & turned to look at Mark, "You've arrived on a rather special night. It's one of the master's affairs."

"Oh...lucky him." Mark muttered.

"He's lucky! You're lucky! I'm lucky! We're all lucky!" a wild haired & beanstalk of a man that neither Aaron nor Mark had even noticed was there straightened up on the stairs. He laughed as he slid down the banister tossing his feather duster to the other man.

Mark stepped back a bit bumping into Aaron as he did.

The couple was sort of herded toward the ballroom by two odd people where they saw there was a small crowd of...well equally odd people. They were all were sunglasses & party hats & eating appetizers of all sorts. They were also singing & dancing, as soon as they had entered the room the two odd men who had lead them there joined the crowd. Among the group was a particularly flashy man who, instead of dancing like the others, tap danced around. And judging by his accent Aaron & Mark could tell he was Irish as well.

After a moment or so of this rather awkward situation, Mark looked to Aaron. He noticed his fiance seemed to be enjoying watching & listening to all this. He himself was still unsettled about it all, so he nudged Aaron & nodded towards the door.

Aaron got the idea & they both subtly shuffled toward the exit & backed up the stairs hoping not to draw attention to themselves. Admittedly this had become a little too weird for him as well.

The song & dance ended rather abruptly with every member of the group collapsing to the ground. Which left Aaron & Mark to stand near the door in silence.

Mark pressed his lips together looking at the scene before him & nudged Aaron. "Say something." he whispered.

Aaron raised his eyebrows surveying the group, "Say! Do one of you guys know how to madison?"

The group peered at Aaron & tilted their heads questioningly.

Mark cringed, that definitely wasn't what he'd had in mind.
The Youtuber Horror Picture Show-Chapter 1
Essentially this will follow the storyline of the original movie, just with youtube gamers replacing the characters. I might add or take out certain parts but hopefully nothing major that'll be missed or mess with the plot. I also don't want to just copy everything straight from the movie so there might not be any musical numbers(or at least not as many). So enjoy!
Everything was basically a blur as he tore through the grump space. Well, it was more like stumbling due to his sore muscles. In any case, all his movements were rather frantic despite repeatedly trying to tell himself not to panic.


Mark paused hearing Barry's voice from somewhere in the other room. He moved over to the door way & spotted Barry peeking out from the recording space. "Are the others with you?"

Barry furrowed his eyebrows taking in Mark's present state & glanced over his shoulder before looking back at the disheveled man. "Yeah."

"We're okay, Mark." Suzy added appearing right behind Barry.

Mark took a deep breath, "Good..." He attempted to seat himself in the computer chair just behind him but his hand slipped on the arm rest & he landed on the ground. He was too tired to truly care though. He just sat on the floor propping himself up with his weak arms. Now that he knew the grumps were okay he could let himself deal with the after effects of last night.

Suzy moved over to Mark placing a blanket around his shoulders seeing his body trembling.

One by one the others came out of the room & Danny offered a hand out to Mark to help him up.

Mark accepted the help gratefully & used his other hand to hold onto the blanket.

"I'll make you some tea. I don't think you need any caffeine right now." Suzy gave a small smile before heading to the kitchen area.

Mark responded with a soft chuckle knowing she was right. He looked up when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"We um...we wanna talk with you...about some things." Arin said gesturing to the others.

Mark kind of expected this, he nodded. He'd have to explain the whole werewolf thing to them best he could. He paused noticing gauze wrapped around the other man's arm. His heart skipped a beat & he pointed to the covered wound opening his mouth to question if he had done this.

Before he could voice the question Arin put his hand up & shook his head, "Don't worry about it. It's a scratch."

Mark doubted this, but he didn't argue. Instead he let Arin guide him to the couch to try to relax while Suzy returned with some tea. He spent the next hour or so explaining the whole story in detail, at their request.

"I guess that spell didn't work." Ross muttered.

Mark quirked an eyebrow, "I guess not..."

"And there's no other way to...reverse it?" Suzy asked.

Mark shook his head & rested his forehead in his hand looking at the half drunk tea in his other hand. "Not unless someone wants to shoot me with a silver bullet." he swore he saw them collectively cringe at the thought.

No one said anything for a moment before Suzy spoke again. "What would you say if I said we wanted to make a pack for you?"

Mark creased his eyebrows rather confused by this, he raised his head & looked at Suzy. "How do you mean?"

"She means like, we be your pack. We become werewolves & spend full moon nights with you so you're not alone anymore." Arin added.

Mark blinked staring at them dumbfounded, "Then I'd say you're insane. You guys can't be serious."

"Mark, listen. We talked about this last night, all of us. We want to do this." Suzy insisted.

Mark stuttered a bit quickly looking at unwavering faces of his friends. "! Hell, no!"

"Dude, think about it." Danny interrupted rather calmly, "Bob & Wade can't be there with you every night. It's only three night each month, but you can't be by yourself in your apartment. You're really chill for a werewolf, but who knows what you'll do without supervision. And what better supervision than other werewolves?"

"Jesus christ, Danny! I don't know what I'd do around other werewolves!" Mark pointed at Arin's bandages, "Look what I did last night!"

"You were scared."

Mark looked at Suzy, "What?"

"You were scared." she repeated, "After you...changed you broke out of the storage room & started running around. This was a new place with new people to your wolf, so you were more scared than we were."

"I tried to calm you down & approach you, but you kinda freaked & pushed me out of the way." Arin said.

Mark blinked, "And that's where that came from?" He gestured to Arin's arm.

Arin nodded, "My fault, technically. You didn't mean to do it."

Mark's shoulder slumped a bit & he set his mug down rubbing his face with his hands as he thought for a moment. "I don't know, guys..."

"Dude, we're your friends. Right?" Ross peered at Mark waiting till he saw a small nod, "Then we're gonna do what we can to help you."

Mark looked at Ross & again took in the faces of each of the grumps who all looked equally supportive & determined for him. He took a deep breath & put his face back in his hands letting the breath out in a sort of grunt. "So how are we gonna do this?"

Suzy smiled brightly & rubbed Mark's back encouragingly, "Well, werewolves create werewolves with bites right?"

Mark pressed his lips together, "Isn't there a less...dangerous way?"

Suzy nodded, "I think so. Same idea, different method. We can cut ourselves & have you transfer your saliva into our bloodstreams."

Mark chewed at his bottom lip & rubbed his forehead. "Okay."

"Good, we should probably do it now so there's no rush later."

Mark snorted at this but didn't argue. He watched Suzy gather some supplies on the coffee table in front of him. Sterile knife, bandages & disinfectant wipes.

"Who wants to go first?" Suzy looked at the guys but found none of them seemed to be jumping up. "Fine, I will. You're a bunch of babies."

"Hey." Arin frowned indignantly, "Sorry, I'm just not into making myself bleed."

"Whatever." Suzy muttered as she wiped a spot on her arm clean. She pressed the blade of the knife to her arm creating a clean cut. Nothing too deep, just enough to bleed.

Mark remained quiet, still uneasy about the whole situation. He watched Suzy & hesitated when she held the small wound out to him.

"It's okay, Mark." Suzy reassured.

Mark shifted in place before he took her arm & tentatively enveloped the cut with his lips. He ran his tongue along the cut tasting the blood that had welled there. He pulled away lightly licking his lips clean.

"Who's next?" Suzy wiped the blade clean before placing a bandage on her arm.

With a disgruntled sigh Arin raised his hand & copied what Suzy had done once she handed the knife to him.

Mark repeated his actions with Arin, then Danny, then Ross & finally Barry. He then finished the rest of his tea if not to get rid of the coppery taste in his mouth. "Now what?"

"Well," Suzy absently fixed her hair, "Now we wait till the moon comes out tonight. See if it worked."

"Great...more waiting..." Mark muttered.

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For what felt like an eternity, he heard nothing. Not a single noise from either of the three grumps standing outside the bathroom. He could feel their eyes on him though. He couldn't be standing here waiting for what would likely be a bad reaction. He had to move. He had to make a break for the door outside or something.

"Nice prosthetics, Mark."

Mark snapped his eyes open to see Ross smirking as he pointed at his ears.

"Yeah, are those contacts too?" Danny gestured to Mark's eyes intrigued by the amber hue.

Mark wasn't sure how to feel about this reaction, he hadn't expected it. However, as their words sunk in he found he was kind of pissed off. Didn't they know this wasn't a joke? They had no clue how much danger they could be in right now. "This isn't a fucking costume..." his tone was more aggressive than he had intended. It was also more of a growl.

Danny & Ross shut up immediately & their faces lost all amusement. Now they were concerned. If this wasn't some kind of elaborate joke, then what the hell was it?

Suzy seemed to be the only one keeping relatively calm in this situation. She could see the discomfort & near panic in Mark's face. She extended a hand to him, "Why don't you come sit down with us, Mark?"

Mark looked at Suzy & hesitated glancing toward the door.


Mark felt the last bit of his resolve to just flee the building fall. He tentatively took Suzy's hand & let her guide him back to the couch to sit down. He grimaced closing his eyes for a moment as he felt a wave of bone deep aching wash over him. He also felt Suzy sit down beside him giving him space all the same.

"Okay, tell me what you need." Suzy gestured for Arin to wait a moment when he gave her a questioning look.

Mark pressed his lips together feeling sweat cover his skin, he was having trouble focusing. "Water..." that was the only thing that stood out in his mind as being necessary at the moment.

Suzy got up & brought Mark a glass of cold water within seconds.

Mark drank the glass down in one go, it only made him feel slightly better & only for a short time though. Goddamint, what the hell was he still doing here?!

"Will you tell us what's wrong?"

Again Mark hesitated, but at this point what did he have to lose? He opened his eyes & glanced at each grump's face. "I'm...a werewolf..."

No one said a word for the longest time. Mark could tell they were judging whether or not he was messing with them. "Give me a minute...& I'll show you..." he didn't want to. He really really didn't. But his body wasn't giving him a choice. He clenched his teeth against the pain that came with his spine cracking in & out of place. Once it passed he took the time to breath & survey his friends' faces. They were all awestruck it seemed.

"I go..." Mark forced himself up on shaky legs, but this time Danny stopped him.

"Wait a minute...what can we do to help?" Danny looked completely lost for what to do but he also seemed determined to be of some use.

"Danny...I can't be here." Mark insisted.

"Well, you can't be loose outside either."

Mark couldn't argue that, at least not when he couldn't think straight.

"Come on." Arin gestured as he got up & lead them to a sort of storage closet, "It's kinda small but-"

Mark shook his head wrapping an arm around his stomach, "It's good enough." He stepped inside & glanced around trying to ensure that he wouldn't be locked in here with anything that couldn't be replaced easily.

"Are...are you gonna be okay? In there by yourself, I mean." Barry asked. Not that he really wanted a werewolf loose in the grump space.

Mark looked at Barry, "I hope so..."

"Tell us if you need something." Suzy gave him a reassuring look despite her obvious concern.

Mark half heartedly nodded & let them close & clock the door. He was glad they had gotten him into the room when they had because not two minutes later he just collapsed to the floor. He couldn't hold the changes back any longer.

For the next twenty minutes Mark's pained yelps mixed with inhuman noises echoed through the grump space. And all the grumps could do was wait in the next room in disconcerted silence. They honestly didn't know what else to do but hope the night would pass without incident & that Mark would be okay. Mark, however, was completely unaware of anything & everything happened once his mind slipped from his consciousness as his transformation's completion.

The next thing that roused his conscious mind was sunlight. The warmth of the sun coming in through the window & shining on his face. He was inside. That could be a good thing. He groaned softly & blinked slowly to ease himself out of sleep. He took in where exactly he was. He was still in the grump space...but not in the storage closet. His heart skipped a beat. He sat up & noticed the splintered & unhinged remains of the storage room door nearby. He nearly gave himself whiplash as he looked around him for clues as to what he'd done. Immediately he noticed some blood staining his fingertips & drying under his nails. And he certainly didn't have any open wounds. His heart fell to his stomach. The blood wasn't his. Only one thought crossed his foggy mind.

Where were his friends?


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"Should we take him to the hospital?"

"I...I don't know...maybe?"

He recognized those voices.

"Where do you think...she went?"

"Don't know. Book doesn't talk about that."

He wanted to open his eyes. He wanted to see where he was, if his friends were okay & also what kind of shape he was in. The first thing he felt rather clearly throughout his body was the ache he'd become accustomed to after each change. He felt weak. Too weak to even attempt to lift his head or arm. He felt a hand touch his shoulder.

"Is he waking up?"

"I think so."

Mark identified the Irish accent as Jack's. He furrowed his eyebrows trying again to open his eyes. This time he was more successful. He was able to open his eyes part way, but his vision was blurry & spinning.

"Hey, Markimoo."

Mark turned his head toward Jack's voice giving a soft sound of acknowledgement in reply.

"How ya feelin'?" Jack's face held a look of concern as he noticed his friend's eyes weren't really focusing on anything at the moment.

"Like...I got a train..." Mark mumbled. He blinked trying to focus his vision, after a bit he was able to see he was laid down in the back seat of the car. Jack in the seat in front of him leaning over to check on him while Bob drove with Wade riding shot gun. It was morning, but still early. "Did it work?"

Jack glanced back at Wade before looking at Mark again, "I think so. I mean you changed back before sunrise &...Brittany's gone."

Mark creased his eyebrows in confusion, "She's...dead?"

Jack shifted, "I don't know...she's just gone. She disappeared the same time you changed back."

Mark blinked taking this in, he wasn't sure what to think about that. Maybe it was good thing. For now he was just too tired to care very much. All he needed to know was he was back to normal & his friends were okay. With that in mind he let his eyes fall shut & he went back to sleep.

Later on once Mark regained consciousness more fully he rejected the idea of going to the hospital. So instead his three friends insisted on looking after him for the next week while he recovered. Jack even stayed till after the next full moon to make sure that Mark was indeed cured. All in all it was a quiet & uneventful month for everyone. And with there being no sign of Brittany, Mark was able to start getting his life back on track. He sent Bob, Wade & Jack back home not wanting them to waste time waiting around his apartment for no reason.

Since it was Saturday afternoon, Mark was spending some time with the Grumps just playing some games & trying to beat each others' high scores. He enjoyed recording but every once in a while it was nice just to fool around with Arin or Danny or anyone else really, just for fun.

"Don't run me off the track!" Mark nudged Arin who laughed as his character passed Mark's.

"Keep up, Markimoo!"

Mark pouted & glanced at Danny who was watching them play. "He cheated! Danny, help me out here!"

Danny laughed & put his hands up not wanting to get in the middle of this.

Once Arin won the race & Mark came in third, Mark crossed his arms over his chest. "This is such bull..."

"Aw, don't be like that, Mark." Arin reached over to plant an overly moist kiss on Mark's face.

Mark yelped & struggled a bit to get away. He stood from the couch & stuck his tongue out in mock disgust.

The three of them laughed before Mark started to notice he was sweating a bit. The room seemed rather warm, but then again he had been hyping himself up quite a bit during their game. "I'll be right back." He went to the bathroom to splash some cool water on his face. Half way through doing this however he noticed something that made his stomach twist. His nails seemed He blinked open his eyes & looked down at his aching fingers to find his nails had grown thick & sharp. Immediately his heart started hammering in his chest.

No no no! This couldn't be happening! The spell was suppose to have worked!

Mark quickly pulled out his cell phone checking the app he'd been using a before. It showed what he was afraid of. There was a full moon tonight & it was already dark outside. The small room filled with his quick & irregular breathing while he tried to calm down. Getting worked up wasn't going to help him. He focused on taking some deep breaths for a moment, but a couple of knocks on the door caused him to jump.

"Mark? Hey, Mark! You okay, buddy?"

Goddamnit, Ross! Mark put a hand to his forehead trying to force his voice to sound calm.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine..."

It was quiet except for his breathing until Mark heard a different voice near the door.

"What's going on?"

Danny. Mark bit his lip & hissed in pain finding that his fangs had grown back. Unfortunately it seemed Danny had heard this.

"Mark? Are you okay?"

"That's what I asked." Ross said, "Honestly, I think something's wrong..."

That last part was whispered, but Mark had still heard it clearly & he knew why. He traced a finger over one of his ears & found it was pointed & stretching out some. He grimaced at the increasing ache throughout his body. He needed to get out of here! Out of this room! Out of the Grump Space! Just away from anyone he could hurt because he really didn't know what he'd do without Bob & Wade there to keep him in line. He glanced at his reflection seeing his own terrified amber eyes staring back. He needed to come up with a believable excuse to get Ross & Danny away from the door long enough for him to escape.

"Seriously, Mark. Are you sure you're alright?" Danny questioned looking at the door with concern.

"Fuck..." Mark breathed & wrapped an arm around his middle. "I'm...I'm fine, Danny..."

"What're you guys doing?"

Fucking hell! Suzy too?! Mark couldn't win. He couldn't get stuck in the grumps bathroom while he was changing!

"Mark's um...well we're not sure what he's doing." Danny shrugged.

"But whatever it is, it doesn't sound fun." Ross added.

Suzy gave them an odd look before approaching the door. "Mark, did you eat hot sauce again?"

Mark would've laughed, this would have been a truly funny situation if he weren't right in the middle of it. He took a harsh breath through his nose trying to keep the pained noises in his throat back. "No...Seriously, guys...I'm f-fine-" an involuntary groan interrupted him & killed the slim chance he had of convincing his friends.

Now Suzy was worried, maybe Mark had some how hurt himself. He'd been in the hospital not that long ago, maybe there was something wrong in that way. "Mark, could you open the door?" she tested the handle finding Mark had locked it. She had a key, but she wanted to give Mark the option at least.

Mark vaguely heard the doorknob rattle & panicked a bit. They couldn't see him like this! Fuck that, they couldn't be around him when he was like this! "N...No, Suzy...I-"

"Come on, Mark. You're freaking us out." Suzy took out her key ready to unlock the door in the likely case that she would have to.

Mark pressed his lips together & looked at the door flinching at the feeling of his shoes becoming tight. He tugged on his hair a bit trying to think through the persistent throbbing in his head. He hesitantly moved a shaky hand to the lock, he paused at a loss for the best choice he could make. He was going to have to trust his gut. He took a deep breath shutting his eyes tightly as he twisted the knob & yanked open the door.
1. How long have you been on DeviantART?
About 7 years

2. What does your username mean?
There's no real big meaning behind it. It's just a variation(in a way) of the username I would normally use which was Freeflare. And 22 because just Flame was already taken of course.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Creative, lazy, quiet.

4. Are you left or right handed?
Right handed.

5. What was your first deviation?
It was a sort of story called Valley Cats about people that could shapeshift into types of cats.

6. What is your favorite type of art to create?
I enjoy fanart & fanfiction the most.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I don't know if I really want to "master" anything but to get better at coloring & shading would be good.

8. What was your first favorite?
Black Sun ThunderClan by CaptainMorwen

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?
Digital I suppose, mostly fanart.

10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?
I watch a lot of very cool artists, but I would have to say my favorite is :iconhumon:

11. If you could meet anyone on deviantart in person, who would it be?
Probably all of the people I watch.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Fellow deviants always impact my life when they tell me how much they enjoy my art & writing & when they give me tips & encouragement in general.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
My computer & my hands.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My room, I suppose. I spend a lot of time creating things when I'm in my room.

15. What is your favorite DeviantART memory?
When I created something "popular" in the Markiplier fandom & other deviants started asking if they could create art based off it. It's very flattering when someone is inspired by what I create.
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