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Badbadbadbadbad! Very bad! They couldn't be stuck in traffic when he was on the verge of transforming.

Neither of them had the chance to react or say anything before Mark grimaced & hunched over in his seat. He wrapped an arm around his middle feeling his insides shift. He was already starting to sweat.

There was no way Mark could even pretend to drive right now, so Wade unbuckled his seat belt & touched Mark's arm. "Switch seats with me."

Mark looked up & nodded pressing his lips together. He moved himself out of the driver's seat while Wade maneuvered himself there. He slumped into the passenger's seat & tried to focus on his breathing.

"Can you...hold it back?" Bob leaned forward from the back seat with deep concern on his face.

Mark cringed wrapping his arms around himself, "I can try..." By the way he said those three words both Bob & Wade knew he was already having a hard time with it.

"I'm taking the back roads." Wade turned the steering wheel & drove the car off the main road as soon as he got the chance. It would normally take longer than using the main road but with the traffic it'd definitely be quicker.

"Don't go too fast, we don't need to get pulled over." Bob added.

Mark gritted his teeth feeling the aching in his body intensify. He looked into the side mirror & saw his teeth were starting to form into fangs. He leaned his head back against the seat.

Wade glanced over at Mark seeing just how tight his grip on himself was by his white knuckles. "Hang in there, Mark."

Mark took a deep breath hearing the encouragement & furrowed his eyebrows in concentration.

By the time they reached the apartment building the sky was darker & Mark had grown fangs, claws & pointed ears & his eyes shown amber despite his efforts.

Wade parked the car & looked from Mark to Bob, "He can't go in like this."

Bob creased his eyebrows & glanced around the car. He grabbed a pair of sunglasses & took his own hoodie off. "Put these on."

Mark didn't hesitate & slipped the hoodie & glasses on.

Bob pulled the hood up for Mark so hopefully no one would see anything.

Mark stuffed his hands in his pockets & the three of them made their way into the lobby.

The were almost to the elevator when-

"Mr. Fischbach!"

They all froze & Mark stiffly turned to see the landlord walking towards them.

"Excuse me, I wanted to talk to you about some complaints I've been receiving lately." the stout man didn't pay much attention to Wade or Bob. "Some of the residents in the apartment next to & below yours have been complaining about noise coming from your apartment. A couple of them even mentioned some of the noises sounded like a large dog."

Mark froze & side glanced at Bob. There was no way he could attempt to say a thing & risk flashing his fangs.

Bob & Wade both stood there with their minds spinning to come up with some kind of believable excuse.
"Are...we sure this is the right place?" Wade glanced around at the practically empty house.

The front door had actually been unlocked & they hadn't gotten an answer when they knocked so they had decided to take a look inside. When they did they immediately noticed that there were only some pieces of furniture & such. As if the person who lived here was-

"Gone..." Mark scanned the rooms one by one not finding anything more than hints of them being lived in weeks ago. "She's gone..."

Bob frowned deeply helping Mark look, "She must have known we were coming."

Wade came out of one of the former bedrooms, "What do we do now?"

Mark knelt down on the floor at a complete loss for what they could do. He had fully expected to finally find Brittany & hadn't even considered the possibility of her not being here. He ran a hand through his hair & bit at his bottom lip.

Bob looked from Mark to Wade, "I...don't know."

Wade put a hand on Mark's shoulder trying to reassure him. He glanced outside & noticed a car pull up. A tall woman in a business suit got out & pulled out a for sale sign from the trunk of her car.

Bob looked to Wade & Mark. They all seemed to have the same idea so they headed outside getting the attention of the woman.

"Excuse me. You can't be in that house."

"We're sorry. We were just looking for...a friend who lived here." Wade said.

The woman looked at the three of them unsurely. "Well, they moved."

"We can see that. Do you know where to?" Bob was hoping the woman would help them out.

But she shook her head, "I can't tell you that. That would be a breach of my customer privacy contract."

"Please, it's extremely important." Mark urged doing his best to reinforce what he said with the most puppy eyed look he could muster.

The woman looked at Mark with some confusion & after a moment sighed deeply. "Look, I'm sorry but even if I could tell you they didn't leave the address they would be moving to."

Mark, Wade & Bob's shoulders slumped simultaneously.

"Well...did they mention a state?" Wade asked basically grasping as threads of hope here.

The woman pressed her lips together & lowered her eyebrows as she thought. "Ohio...yes, I think the mother mentioned going to Ohio."

Mark's jaw dropped open. Ohio? His home state? Seriously?

"I'm sorry, that's literally all I know & I'm already late for my next clients." the woman hurriedly planted the sign in the front lawn & headed back to her car.

Bob called a quick thank you to her before she drove off & turned to Mark & Wade.

"Ohio?" Mark was just exasperated by this.

"At least it's something to go on." Bob said & headed over to Mark's car.

Mark frowned & followed along with Wade. He got into the car with a heavy sigh & waited for them all to buckle up before driving off. They'd just have to go back to his apartment & come up with a plan B.

It was a pretty quiet ride since none of them knew what exactly to say. Half way there they had the misfortune of getting stuck in a traffic jam, which just improved Mark's mood even more. The three of them sulked in the car having nothing else they could do but wait it all to clear up. In the following couple hours they had only moved forward about two miles.

Mark leaned back in his seat with his arms crossed over his chest & a dismal look on his face. He glanced at the digital clock on the dashboard. 5:37. God, they'd been stuck here forever. He groaned in irritation looking out his window to see if things were getting any better. At least the sky looks kinda pretty from all the shades of orange & pink. His heart stopped. He visibly paled & grabbed Wade's arm.

"Ow! What?" Wade looked up from his phone at Mark & saw the look of terror on his face. Then it clicked.

"Oh shit." Bob immediately caught on.

They'd completely forgotten the last full moon tonight.
Despite the obvious concern & worry on his & Wade's faces Bob didn't move over to Mark. He highly doubted that crowding in on a transforming werewolf was a very good idea. And it seemed this theory was right, what with Mark's growing nails & teeth. But it still made both of them extremely uncomfortable to see him in such pain & to hear the strangled sounds that came from him. In the aftermath of the transformation Mark laid rather still on the floor for a while. It obviously took quite a lot out of him to go through this.

“Hey..Mark?” Wade edged closer to Mark, he was still uncertain about this whole thing.

Mark opened his eyes & focused on Wade. He didn't growl, he didn't show teeth, he just watched him.

Wade came to kneel down beside Mark & slowly reached a hand out to touch Mark's head.

Mark let out something similar to a heavy sigh.

Bob relaxed a bit & stood up, “Let's check our e-mails. Maybe somebody's found Brittany.” He headed in to the livingroom & opened his laptop.

Wade got up & followed Bob. The sound of claws hitting the floor behind him told him Mark wasn't going to be far from them.

Bob spent a good while looking through the few e-mails that ha come in, so far no one had much to offer to help them. He tried searching online just for the merest hint to where she could be.

Wade, meanwhile, had been trying to see if Mark could still work a game pad in this form. Apparently he could, but he had little to no interest in video games at the moment.

Instead Mark got Wade to play fight with him. He was surprisingly careful about his claws & teeth. He seemed to realize that since neither Wade no Bob had claws & fangs like him he should be gentle. All the same he wrestled around with Wade & basically bear hugged him into submission. Which was an interesting sight to see since, even as a werewolf, Mark was shorter than Wade.

For the most part it was a quiet & calm night. By morning Mark was back to normal & when he woke up he found he was in his own bed instead of draped across his friends' laps. However he was surrounded by every plushie he owned. As he grabbed his shirt he looked to the sleeping Wade who sat slouched in the chair beside his bed. He pulled his shirt on & nudged Wade's knee.

Wade snorted as he abruptly woke up, he looked to Mark. “Oh, hey you're up.”

Mark nodded & raised an eyebrow gesturing to the nest of plushies. “What's with all this?”

“Oh, Bob & I got you to sleep in your bed but only if you had all your plushies.” Wade explained, “You also made sure that one of us stayed in here with you throughout the night.”

Mark blinked at this, “I thought werewolves were suppose to be blood thirsty monsters.”

“Oh don't worry, you're terrifying. Especially when you're rolling around on the ground trying to tackle me.”

Mark half rubbed his face & half face palmed. “Where's Bob?”

“Making breakfast I think.” Wade stood up & stretched. Sleeping in a chair wasn't comfortable for any length of time.

Mark ran a hand through his hair & got out of bed. When they came into the kitchen Bob was busy making french toast & bacon. “Has anyone said anything about Brittany?”

Bob looked at them & shook his head. “No, there's only been a hint or two about a girl who looks like Brittany, but probably isn't.”

Mark frowned & slumped down in a chair with a groan of frustration. “There's gotta be some way of finding her.”

“What more can we do? I'm pretty sure if we put up flyers people will be looking for us.” Wade sat beside Mark & rested his chin in his hand.

Mark perked up when he heard a beep from his phone, headed to his room to see what the notification was for. In a matter of a minute he came rushing back into the kitchen with a wide eyed look. “They found her.”

Both Bob & Wade turned & looked at Mark in surprise.

“One of Ken's fans said they live across the street from her.” Mark explained, “She lives in LA.”

Both of his friends stared dumbstruck for a moment before Wade stood up. “Well, let's go.”

None of them wasted any time in grabbing what was necessary & shutting off the stove before they left the apartment. They climbed into Mark's car & headed out following Google maps to the point that was marked.

They were finally going to resolve this whole mess.
It's not much, but I thought you guys might like it.
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