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The three of them ate the pizza & Mark ended up falling asleep on the couch.

Wade was beginning to admit to himself that the cat qualities Mark was developing were pretty cute.

Bob didn't pay too much attention to either of them because he was too busy researching still.

However something did get both their attention & that something was attached to Mark. It seemed Mark grown a somewhat long & furry tail.

Mark was oblivious to this since he just continued to sleep. Every once in a while his tail would twitch or thump against the couch.

Wade watched Mark seeing his ears twitch too. He looked at Bob who just shrugged, neither of them were really sure what to say or how to handle something like this. But if it wasn't hurting Mark then maybe it wasn't too dangerous. Wade eventually couldn't resist & moved hand over to Mark's tail. He sort of petted it at first which made it twitch. Then he grabbed it & experimentally tugged it.

Mark shifted & his tail tried to pull out of Wade's grip. He made soft sound similar to a whine. It didn't seem like he enjoyed having his tail messed with.

Wade chuckled quietly & noticed Bob roll his eyes at him. He continued to play around with Mark's tail wondering how exactly he'd react when he woke up & saw it. "Hey, Marky."

Mark groaned & tried to roll over but it seemed something was stopping him from doing so. He creased his eyebrows & blinked open his eyes. He looked at Wade & raised an eyebrow, he froze when he saw something furry in Wade's hand. He didn't actually freak out till he felt it twitch & realized it was attached to him. He yelped & sat upright digging his claws into a pillow.

"Relax it's just a tail." Wade gestured to the now puffed out tail in his hand.

Mark pressed his lips together & shifted, "Great..." Already it felt weird to have the extra appendage wiggling around.

"Wade, let go of his tail." Bob muttered & looked back to his computer.

Wade reluctantly did so & moved to sit next to Mark. His reactions were pretty entertaining.

Mark tried to focus on controlling his tail, but it seemed to have a mind of it's own. He wasn't sure what to think about this & his ears showed that by laying back.

Wade smiled a bit & reached over to Mark brushing his fingers over one of the ears.

Mark didn't notice what Wade was doing till he felt the touch. His eyes widened for a moment before they drooped. His pupils got bigger & his ears perked up.

Wade rubbed Mark's ear gently & watched him lean into his hand, "I thought you didn't want me to touch your ears."

Mark mumbled, "Shut up." & tilted his head when Wade rubbed both his ears. He was realizing just how good it felt for whatever reason. He didn't even notice when he practically climbed into Wade's lap & his head on his shoulder.

Bob raised an eyebrow watching this.

Wade shrugged a bit, he was actually wasn't complaining about this. He was surprised though when he heard a deep rumbling sound come from Mark. He was purring. Here he was with a grown man curled up in his lap & he was making him purr by petting his new ears. Mark's tail even wrapped itself around his waist.

Mark was vaguely aware of the fact that he was making a weird sort of noise. But honestly he didn't care. Not as long as Wade kept petting his ears. He ended up closing his eyes & falling asleep right there against Wade.

Wade smiled hearing Mark continue to purr as he fell asleep. The only problem he had with this situation was, what if he needed to go to the bathroom?
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(Contains: strong language)
A few hours later & no one out of the three of them had an answer for the sudden appearance of Mark's fangs. The only thing that really happened was Mark some how growing claws from his nails. Which in turn kind of freaked him out. But a few cuts & several deep breaths later they calmed down enough to try to figure this out.

"Scientifically doesn't make sense." Bob muttered.

Mark looked at Bob, "I get that, Bob." He couldn't say he wasn't just a touch agitated simply because he was so on edge about this whole thing.

"Well...what could have caused this?" Wade questioned still looking at Mark's claws.

"Fuck if I know." Mark frowned & carefully ran a hand through his hair.

"Mark, what's that?" Bob pointed toward the shelf.

Mark creased his eyebrows & looked over at the cat statue Bob was pointing at. "It's just an antique a fan gave me..." he trailed off as it clicked. "Oh my god..."

"What?" Bob & Wade said at the same time.

"The must be cursed or something. I scratched myself with it yesterday & it made me sleepy so I took a nap & missed picking you guys up & now this." Mark explained rather quickly.

There was long pause before Wade spoke, "So, you're turning into a cat?"

Mark pressed his lips together, "I guess so."

"Fantastic, how do we stop that?" Bob looked at Mark.

Mark shrugged & sighed.

Bob rubbed his forehead & looked to Wade, "Wade, take a picture of that thing & I'll start asking around on some antique sites. Maybe I can find something about it."

Wade nodded & did this.

In the next hour, Bob hadn't found anything more than clues that lead to dead ends. In the same amount of time Mark's nose had gained a pink hue & a pretty cat-like shape. Not to mention that his pupils had become slitted. Unfortunately he still seemed to need his glasses, which Wade annoyingly pointed out as being logical. Not every cat had perfect sight. This, of course, earned him a pillow to the face.

Another hour passed & Mark ended up ordering pizza for them to eat while waited & hoped for something to come up. To Mark's dismay, something did. While they waited for the pizza to arrive Mark started to feel an itching & tingling sensation in his ears. He scratched at both his ears as carefully as he could but it only got worse. It got to the point of driving hims insane & causing Wade & Bob to become rather concerned.

"Mark, are you okay?" Wade questioned.

"Ah! No, I'm not frick a fracking okay!" Mark scratched more at his ears, it was the kind of itch that he desperately wanted to relieve, but just couldn't reach.

"Mark, you going to make yourself bleed." Bob reached over & grabbed Mark's wrists to pull them away.

Mark resorted to shaking his head, but that did virtually nothing. He squeezed his eyes shut trying to ignore the irritating sensation. However, after a few moments it stopped. He sighed in relief.


Mark opened his eyes hearing Wade & noticed his & Bob's awed expressions. Oh god, what else had changed about him? Hesitantly he pulled his hands back & reached up to his ears. Or at least where his ears should have been. Where the hell were his ears?! And how the hell was able to hear anything if he didn't have ears?! He moved his hands up a bit & found two furry things sticky out of his hair. He paled & lightly bit his lip. Cat ears. He had grown cat ears. He cringed a bit when they twitched at his touch. He nearly fell off the couch when the pizza delivery guy knocked on the door. He ended up digging his claws into a nearby pillow, which Bob & Wade were thankful for.

"Uh...I'll get it." Bob got up & took the money Mark passed him.

Mark sort of hid in front of the couch not really wanting anyone other than Bob & Wade to see him like this. Granted that pretty much all the fan girls & boy would probably explode if they did though.

"Could I...I mean would it be okay if I...touched them?" Wade asked quietly. He was actually pretty fascinated by the twitchy ears his friend had sprouted.

Mark glared at Wade, "What?! No!"
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Mark set the detailed little cat statue on a shelf & looked back the letter that had come with it. He smiled, another gift from a fan. The letter said that the fan had sent this to him because he liked animals so much. They hadn't made it themselves though, it was an antique apparently. Mark didn't really have any antiques so it stood out among the other things he had collected. It was kind of cute actually. It was a pearly white, like it was carved out of some kind stone or crystal, & decorated with metallic gold paint. It was posed to be sitting with one paw up like it was waiting for a treat or something. He turned it around absently as he continued to read through the letter, it was pretty short. But at the bottom it read: Watch out for it's cla- "Ow! Fudge!" Mark pulled his hand back & found four tiny scratches in his skin. Damn those little claws were sharp. He sighed & shook his head a bit.

Mark set the letter down next to the statue & went to record some videos. Everything was going just fine till halfway through the second video he started to get kind of tired. He didn't know why since he'd gotten a pretty good amount of sleep last night. He finished the video & stretched a bit before heading to bed for a nap. He found that his bed was incredibly comfortable & fell asleep shortly after his head hit his pillow.

Mark slept quite well & ended up dreaming about some pretty weird things. But he couldn't quite figure out what exactly it was that he was dreaming about. He only woke up when he heard a knock on his door. He creased his eyebrows & groaned softly, he looked at his clock. It was 9 in the morning? Mark creased his eyebrows & put his glasses on talking a second look. But that didn't make sense, he'd fallen asleep at about 5 pm. Had he slept that long?

Mark was brought out of his thoughts by another knock. He got up & went to door finding Bob & Wade there with luggage in hand. "Oh shit..."

"Oh do you remember now?" Bob raised an eyebrow at him.

Mark had managed to sleep so long that he missed picking up Bob & Wade from the airport when they arrived for their visit. "I'm so sorry."

Bob sighed & stepped into the apartment once Mark stepped out of the way. "It's fine, we took a cab obviously."

"Why didn't you come?" Wade looked at his friend curiously.

"I uh...slept in too late..." Mark rubbed the back of his neck.

Both his friend rolled their eyes. "Are you feeling okay?" Wade actually looked a bit concerned. Mark usually didn't sleep in unless he wasn't feeling well.

"I'm fine." Mark helped them with their luggage but paused when he noticed Bob looking at him kind of funny. "What?"

"Could you open your mouth for me?"

Mark creased his eyebrows & blinked, "Why?"

" your mouth." Bob insisted taking a few steps closer to him.

Mark thought that was a pretty weird request, but he opened his mouth anyway.

Both Bob & Wade seemed to inspect his mouth for a moment before Wade gestured unsurely. "Mark...are you wearing fake fangs or something?"

Mark closed his mouth & snorted, "What? No."

"Then we might have a problem." Bob turned Mark to the nearest mirror.

Mark glanced at Bob & opened his mouth again. He stared seeing his top & bottom canines were a bit longer & definitely sharper than he remembered. "What the fuck?"
Hey, guys.
I just wanted to let you guys know, in case you didn't already, that I post a lot of fanfiction stories in other places besides DA. And that's because DA won't let my post the more *clears throat* explicit fanfics I've made. So if you're curious & would want to read such fics you can either check them out on my
Fanfiction account:
Tumblr blog:
or Wattpad account:…

Thanks & enjoy! ;)
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“Really, guys. I’m fine.” the sniff& dry cough that followed as soon as Mark finished saying this didn’t help him convince his friends at all.
“Mark, you were practically sleeping on the kitchen counter a minute ago.” Bob slipped on a jacket & grabbed the keys to Mark’s car.
Mark was letting him & Wade borrow his car so they could go get some groceries & more cold medicine for him. “I wasn’t sleeping, I was just resting…”
“Whatever you say. Danny & Arin said they’d be here soon, they can take care of you while we’re gone.” Wade said looking at his phone for the time.
It wasn’t that Mark didn’t like spending time with the two Game Grumps, he just didn’t think that doing so while he was sick was very much fun for any of them.
Just a few minutes later there was a knock on the door & Bob opened it to let Arin & Danny in. Mark peeked over the back of the couch listening to Bob explain what he was & wasn’t allowed to do in their absence. He crossed his arms over his chest, he was an adult. Yes he was sick & yes he could get a bit loopy from the medicine. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t take care of himself.
Arin & Danny waved Bob & Wade off before they went to the livingroom. “Okay, Markimoo. What should we do fir-” Danny paused finding that Mark wasn’t where Bob had said he should be. The couch was empty except for a pillow & a blanket. He looked to Arin who shrugged.
“Let’s go find him.” Arin headed upstairs leaving Danny to cover the first floor. “Maaark?” he called in a sing song voice searching every room. It didn’t take long to find the shorter male in the bathroom almost chugging down a shot of what was left of the cold medicine.
Mark noticed Arin & raised his eyebrows headed towards his room. “Need to record some videos…”
Arin shook his head, he was already loopy as hell. “Nope!” he reached out & scooped Mark up to carry him back down to the couch.
Mark was rather surprised by this & whine, “Ariiiin…”
Hearing the noise Danny came up & met them at the stairs, “Oh hey, Mark.”
Mark huffed a bit, “You guys…I can take care of myself you know…”
“Oh really, when was the last time you took a shower?” Danny touched Mark’s messy hair as he raised an eyebrow.
Mark pressed his lips together & creased his eyebrows thinking.
“If you have to think about, it’s time for another shower.” Danny smiled.
Mark decided not to complain about this, the thought of the warm water actually sounded good. He let Arin carry him back to the bathroom, as if he had a choice.
Danny started the water letting it get warm & turned to Mark pursing his lips. “I don’t think he’s gonna be able to keep his balance.”
Arin looked at Mark setting him on his feet, almost immediately Mark seemed to sway a bit. “Seems like you’re right. We’ll just have to get in there with him.”
Mark processed this a moment & blushed softly, which was hard to see since his face was already rather pink. “Ssshut up…”
The grumps laughed & Danny started working on getting Mark’s clothes off. Arin held Mark steady so he didn’t trip or lose his balance & end up on the floor. In no time all three of them were naked & under the warm spray of the water.
Mark was vaguely aware of how odd this might be. But honestly, he was too out of it to care. Plus, just as he had thought, the water felt good. He let his eyes drift closed & leaned against Arin.
Danny stood behind Mark & worked on shampooing his hair.
Arin focused on washing Mark’s chest & back.
Both grumps couldn’t help but smile seeing that Mark seemed to be liking this.
Unfortunately for Mark the water was shut off too soon & he opened his eyes to see that he’d been well cleaned. With helped he got out of the shower & was dried off like some helpless puppy. But he was okay with that, it meant less work for him.
Once the grumps got themselves dried off they got dressed & helped Mark put a clean shirt & pajama pants on since the shorter of the three couldn’t figure out where the front was.
Mark then attempted to make his way out of the bathroom, but instead went face first into the hall wall. He stumbled a bit rubbing his face muttering something about missing his glasses.
Arin resorted to carrying him in to his bedroom, a bed must be more comfortable to nap on then a couch.
Mark sighed once he was laid down on his bed, he was aware of one of them laying a blanket over him as well. A thought came to his mind & he reached up grabbing Arin & Danny’s hands.
They looked at him a bit surprised, “What’s up, Mark?” Arin looked to Mark seeing him look back at them with half lidded eyes.
“Cold…” Mark muttered & insistently tugged on their arms.
Danny looked at Arin & shrugged. He laid down on Mark’s right while Arin laid down on his left. They’d warm him up.
Mark faced Danny & instinctively cuddled into him closing his eyes. When he felt Arin wrap his arms around him he held onto his hand. He’d think about why he thought this was a good idea later when he was less sick & out of it. For now, he was comfy & warmer.
Arin glanced at Danny with a grin & settled in to nap for as long as Mark wanted.
Danny was perfectly okay to do this as well just listening to Mark’s somewhat stuffed up breathing.
By the time Bob & Wade got back they found Mark cocooned in a mass of blanket & grump. But at least he was resting.
Hey, guys.
I just wanted to let you guys know, in case you didn't already, that I post a lot of fanfiction stories in other places besides DA. And that's because DA won't let my post the more *clears throat* explicit fanfics I've made. So if you're curious & would want to read such fics you can either check them out on my
Fanfiction account:
Tumblr blog:
or Wattpad account:…

Thanks & enjoy! ;)
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