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A fanfiction contest that's going on was brought to my attention & I decided to enter it. So I submitted Youtuber By Day since I'm rather proud of it & you guys seem to like it quite a bit. It would be very cool if you guys would check out the contest(especially if you'd like to enter yourself) & if you'd be so kind as to vote for my fic. :)
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Bob checked the time seeing that over two hours had passed since Wade had gone up to check on Mark. He sighed & shut his laptop getting up to check on them both. He knocked on Mark's door before he opened it. "Come on, guys. We should be..." he completely lost his train of thought once he saw Wade & Mark snuggled together under the covers. The piles of clothes beside the bed confirmed his suspicions. He covered his eyes & knocked on the door louder.

Mark jolted awake at this & immediately looked at Bob, he noticed he had his eyes covered. He looked beside him at Wade & blushed furiously. His brain scrambled for what exactly would be a good way to handle this. "Uh..." he nudged Wade.

Wade snorted a bit waking up & rubbed his eyes, "Hm? What?" He looked blearily at Mark & blushed, he then noticed Bob & blushed even more.

"You uh...wanna explain this to me? Minus certain details." Bob questioned refusing to catch another glimpse at the two in their current state.

"Um..." Mark looked from Bob to Wade not entirely able to process the situation just yet.

"I...I think Mark was in heat..." Wade explained rubbing the back of his neck avoiding looking directly at Mark.

Bob gave a slow nod of his head, "Aaand your solution was?"

"T-To...have sex with him..." Wade said softly.

Mark chewed his lower lip listening to this, he was blushing rather deeply now. He got out of bed to retrieve his clothes. But he stopped when Wade gasped, he jumped a bit quickly covering himself with the sheet. "What?"

"Where'd your tail go?" Wade asked dumbfounded as he pointed to where it should be.

Bob moved his hand a bit to see what Wade was talking about.

Mark creased his eyebrows in confusion & looked behind him finding his tail was missing. He a quick once over of himself showed he no longer possessed neko features. He looked at his friends, "Well what the hell?"

Once Wade & Mark was fully dressed again, the three of them sat down to figure this out. Bob was the first to mentioned his theory which honestly seemed the most likely.

"Your neko-itis is cured with sex."

Mark blinked, "Seriously?"

"Well, it kinda looks that way." Bob shrugged.

Wade looked at Mark, "Uh...your welcome?"

Mark looked at Wade attempting to say something, but his mind had nothing. "Wh...o...kay?"

"Could've been worse." Bob said & looked at them.

Mark honestly didn't think he would stop blushing at any point today.

"Was it...that bad?" Wade questioned looking at Mark rather concerned about what the other would think of him now.

Mark practically felt his stomach flip at this & got rather frustrated with his inability to say something intelligent. So instead he turned to Wade & pressed his lips to Wade's own.

Both Bob & Wade were kind of surprised by this.

Mark pulled back after a moment, "...Thanks."

It was Wade's turn to be speechless for a few seconds, "Here to help..."

Bob sighed & rubbed his forehead at them, "You idiots..."


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I'm coming up with some ways that I might be able to do that. I just don't want to upset anyone since all the characters(except Brittany) are real people. I'll let you know once I've got something figured out. :)
Thank you for the point, btw ^-^
Cypher-Boss Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015
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